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Why It’s Important for Businesses to Accept CC Payments

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Credit cards are all about convenience.  Few people bother with cash anymore and checks have gone the way of the dinosaur (thankfully).  For a business to succeed in the 21st Century, it must have the ability to take credit card payments.  You may be waffling on your decision to take them because of the fees involved, which can be quite hefty, especially if you sell a lot of big-ticket items.  Small and medium businesses tend to survive on razor-thin margins as it is. In order to be competitive, you’ve got to keep your prices low, right?

To be competitive in the marketplace, you’ve got to give your customers the convenience of paying with a card.


Accepting credit cards is not just about convenience for the consumer.  It can also provide you with many benefits for your business.

  1. Your customers will buy more.  People sometimes have a hard time parting with cash but credit cards are a different matter.  When consumers are paying with a card, they’re more likely to make impulse purchases.

  2. You’ll get more customers.  Not taking cards excludes the majority of consumers who prefer that method of payment.  According to a 2016 survey by TSTS, only 11% of consumers surveyed preferred to use cash, the remainder preferring to use a credit or debit card.  And if your target consumers age falls in the 25-34 or 35-44-year-old range, the preference of cash goes down to 5% or 8% respectively.

  3. It gives your business legitimacy.  Cash-only businesses appear to be temporary or pop-up businesses and people are more likely to shop at places they trust will be around in case of returns or repeat business.

  4. There’s less employee theft.  If you’re a business that deals in cash, you’re easier to steal from.  As much as you want to trust your employees, employee theft is a huge problem in many sectors.

  5. No more bounced checks.  If you eliminate the ability for people to pay with checks, you won’t need to deal with the high fees and hassles that come with checks with insufficient funds.

  6. It’s a necessity for online merchants.  In 2017, online sales reached a staggering $453.46 billion.  Who wouldn’t want a piece of that pie?

  7. It helps you organize your business finances.  It’s easy to access your sales data, track trends, and have your sales info available for your accountant.

  8. It’s easy to do!  With Apogee Payment Systems, getting your business up and running with the ability to accept credit card payments is quick and easy.  Whether you need a credit card processing unit, e-commerce abilities on your website, or you want to process cards using your phone, Apogee has the technology to allow you to begin receiving payments in no time.


With Apogee Payment Systems, we handle credit card payments so you can get back to business.  If you’re interested in growing your business with credit card payments, call Apogee today at (910)556-0922 and get started!

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