Apogee Solutions

We offer a wide variety of cutting edge hardware, software and internet applications to satisfy all your payment processing requirements. And we are constantly adopting the latest technology to make our services even more powerful and cost effective for you. From our robust network operations to our secure online account information center, we’re always investing in the technology of our business and the subsequent success of yours.


Terminals (aka Payment Terminals, Credit Card Terminals, etc.) are devices that interact with payment cards to make electronic funds transfers. Terminals that are EMV compliant help to make the process of payment acceptance easier, quicker and more secure than ever before. After October 1, 2015, a liability shift in the rules and regulations surrounding merchant services has caused many businesses to update their terminals to be EMV compliant. Ask for more information about EMV compliance. View Terminals

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

Point of Sale systems combine equipment, software and a merchant account to process electronic payments much like a terminal, except a POS system can provide many more features to benefit the business. Tracking inventory, managing customer information and rewards programs, and even generating custom reports are all available with a POS system. A POS system is best utilized in medium to high volume businesses such as restaurants and retailers.

Virtual Terminal

The web version of a physical credit card terminal or POS machine. A virtual terminal can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. Using a web-based payment form you can enter transactions online to process an electronic payment. Optional accessories like a USB connected credit card reader (swiper) can be added to save on downgrades and keep your business running efficiently.


The ability to accept payment transactions through the internet. You may have a website with a shopping cart in order to make sales online. That shopping cart can be integrated with a gateway to allow your website to process transactions. Anyone who wants to sell products or services through a website will need eCommerce merchant services.

Software - Clover

A revolutionary system built for business just like yours. CloverTM is the next generation control system that radically simplifies your business. It helps you track inventory, manage employees, gain customer insight to build stronger, lasting customer relationships, and accept payments with ease. Learn More

Wireless Terminals

A wireless, portable terminal for merchants who need to accept payments on the go. No phone lines needed, take electronic payments in places where cash and check have been the only payment options available. You can ensure your transactions qualify for the lowest possible rates by offering swipe capabilities to all your customers. Wireless terminals are great for Delivery Services, Taxis, Golf courses, Kiosks and so many more types of businesses that require portability from a credit card terminal.

Smart Phone/Tablet Reader (Dongle)

Never miss a sale with Mobile payment processing, just plug in your mobile card reader to most iPhone, iPad or Android devices and download the app to start accepting payments anywhere, anytime! By utilizing either a local Wi-fi connection or through your cell phone service provider, you can run transactions on-the-spot where your customers are. These smart phone readers are becoming a popular way for a small business or start up to save on costs and stay flexible with their customers.

ARU (Automated Response Unit)

Transactions are processed by calling in the credit card information to get an authorization for payment. Often an Imprinter is required to give the customer a receipt and the transaction is processed right away. This is the oldest form of credit card processing and requires a phone line or cellular service to process transactions. It is a little bit more of a costly form of processing transactions, but it gets the job done if you lack technology.